• Ecommerce

    Click below to see a showcase of some recent Ecommerce projects the Code Seo team has worked on.

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  • Web Design

    Need a new website? Have a look at some of our recent designs that include responsive web design. We offer various software programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, Webdev and Microsoft Expression Studio for catering to different types of customers. There are …

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  • PPC Campaign Management

    PPC PPC..? What exactly is this term all about is the first thing that comes to mind. Obviously, whenever such abbreviations are used, it is human nature to be curious to know more about it. Well, PPC is nothing but, …

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  • Link Building

    We understand that link building is the crucial element for the success of a website. We endeavour to offer just that for the success of your website. We will include all those factors that will draw links to your website …

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  • SEO Consultancy

    There are many Keyword Phrase Analysis sites available and it’s really difficult to choose which one is the best among them. There are a plethora of sites which can be very well used for keyword phrase analysis. We have expertise …

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Online Reputation Management

Why is online reputation management important?

With the world turning more and more to the internet for information one needs to have a complete variety of information from various sources so as to lay out a foundation of positive information, to give those interested in you an idea that there are a lot of individuals and groups that have encountered you and were pleased and finally to make any negative stuff get off the first pages of the search engines.

A multitude of different sources with positive reviews and information will give the buyers of your clients products or services more of a reason to do business with them as opposed to the company that has a thin positive background.


Code SEO Proposed Strategy

Creation of 250 Social Media Profiles

Creation of Testimonial Videos

Video SEO all testimonial Videos

Backlink all Social Media Profiles

Construction of Local Citations

Creation of Web 2.0 Websites

Google Local Optimisation

Purchase and Creation of Websites on EMD

Reviews Created And Posted On Variety Of Websites

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