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Blogging – Is it worth it?

So lets run a scenario that you’re a law firm based in Manchester and you have a website that your content with. It serves the purpose of displaying what services your provide and has a simple contact form in which visitors can use to get in touch. Why do I need to add a blog? It is something we have seen time and time again from larger corporations but why are they doing it?

Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to bring fresh unique content to your site in which your visitors can actively engage with. By having social sharing icons at the end, it allows relevant and useful information to go viral across social media platforms and the comment section allows visitors to voice their opinion on the topic.

But how is this helping your website?

Simple, Google is more than a search box. It is a clever calculated mathematical algorithm which can decipher many aspects to your website. A huge factor in this algorithm is customer interaction, how long are they spending on your website? Do they leave after seeing your homepage? How many pages do they look at? Is there social signals directed to your website? Are there any online reviews of your business?

By blogging regularly you are constantly raising an alert to Google crawlers that new content has been added which is relevant for your field.

An law firm based in Manchester can mention new legislations that have been enforced, what paperwork is required for customers to fill out and an update of case studies they have recently ran. By keeping your visitors in the know they will associate your website as a memorable experience and return for updates.

A simple way to build this following is by having an opt in newsletter. This is a very efficient way to get in touch with your customers about any major updates or special offers your running. It can be hard to build an initial following so promote it by giving discounts to customers who sign up and a grand prize for those who get 5 friends to sign up. This viral approach can quickly grow exponentially.

How do I work out what to write about in my blog?

An efficient yet simple way to approach this topic is to simply use the Google Keyword Planner Tool. By placing in the keywords you would like your website to rank for you can generate a comprehensive list of keywords that are related. By ensuring a good keyword density of the words you would like to rank in your article and correctly optimizing the on page seo you can see very quick results.

We always recommend gaining some social bookmarks to point to any new blog in order to have a strong foundation of social signals for all blog pages. If you want to gain further exposure than a press release every week is the perfect way for your website to gain huge authority very fast. As press releases are syndicated across reputable news websites, these backlinks can prove invaluable in boosting rankings. Your press release may also feature in Google News if a high authority syndication network is used which leads to high number of views due to a large amount of consumers having Google alerts set up for topics that interest them.


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